What Is Official Betting?

Uncategorized Nov 8, 2023

Official betting is sports betting that is settled according to the rules of a particular sport. This includes betting on games and events within a game that are officially sanctioned by the league’s governing body, as well as wagers on individual player props in regular season and playoff games. It also applies to markets that are based on official statistical data. Unlike other forms of gambling, wagers on official betting are not subject to post-game appeals or amendments. If a fight is rescheduled, all bets will still be paid based on the original result (unless otherwise stated in the market).

The NBA and NFL have a number of betting partnerships and have made their games available for betting. They work with regulators, sportsbook operators and independent integrity firms to enforce their betting policies and monitor betting activity. They are also able to access betting statistics that help them catch violations and identify patterns.

Generally, all in-uniform league personnel are prohibited from placing bets on their own team and their teams’ opponents. This includes players, coaches and trainers. League personnel who attempt to fix a game or provide inside information for betting purposes are banned from the game for life and face a minimum one-year suspension.

Aside from the prohibition on betting, NCAA rules prohibit all gambling on its sports. This applies to student-athletes, coaches and administrators. Any wagers placed on a pro, college or amateur sporting event could be considered a gambling violation that risks eligibility. This is why NCAA athletic departments conduct a comprehensive screening of their employees prior to hiring them.