The NFL’s Official Betting Solution

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2022

When the NFL was first researching the prospect of legalized sports betting, there were two main concerns. One was how to protect the integrity of the game, and the other was how to ensure that people who wanted to bet would be able to do so. The league spoke to several governing bodies and gaming operators to find out what they needed to do to keep things on the right side of the law. The result was the formation of the league’s ideal sports gambling legislation.

The league also found that the most illegal betting took place on phones. So it set up a team-sponsored sportsbook lounge inside some stadiums. This allowed sportsbooks to capture “vig” – a cut of every bet.

The NFL also licensed video internationally to sportsbooks. It was also willing to allow teams to sponsor sportsbook operators in states with legalized betting. Despite the potential risk of corruption, the league outlined its support for gambling-related training for players.

To provide fans with the best possible live experience, the league developed the first-of-its-kind official sportsbook product. The product allows sportsbooks to take bets on every lap of every race, giving fans a highly engaging live experience. This product includes more than 25 in-race bet types, and sportsbooks can use the league’s official data to resolve bets. The solution is powered by the NASCAR official data, and gives sportsbook operators a robust, comprehensive product that is easily integrated into their business model.