Official Betting Deals for Sports Leagues and Teams

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2022

With the growth of sports betting, sports leagues and teams have been forming partnerships to incorporate gambling into their broadcasts. The NFL, for example, has signed an official betting deal with three sportsbooks. The league will provide these sportsbooks with official league data. This will allow them to offer live betting odds faster and longer than the current industry standard. Sportsbooks have used commercial data feeds for decades, but the league is only now starting to implement official league data.

The PGA TOUR has signed an agreement with bet365, which is the first official betting operator outside of North America. Based in Stoke-on-Trent, the company will be the exclusive provider of odds on leaderboards and player pages. They will also provide the exclusive content for TOURCast, which allows fans to see a 3D rendering of every shot made by the players.

While some sports betting content is already available, the networks remain wary of alienating casual fans. As a result, ESPN Plus are experimenting with betting themes in their broadcasts. However, these efforts won’t affect the main telecasts. The networks will continue to develop and test new ways to deliver gambling content.

The NFL has also begun licensing video and official data internationally to sportsbooks. This licensing agreement follows the NHL’s example and includes betting data from the league. In addition, it also includes gambling-related training for its players. It also ensures the highest standards of monitoring.