NFL Signs Official Betting Deals With Sportsbooks

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2022

The NFL is the latest American sports league to sign an official betting deal. In April, the league announced three new sportsbooks as its official betting partners. By becoming an official betting partner, these companies will get access to official league data and can tie their brands to statistics. If the five-year agreement holds up, the NFL will receive nearly $1 billion in revenue from the deal. If it doesn’t, the league has the option to opt out at any time.

The NFL has agreed to allow other sportsbooks to sign official betting data deals with the league, but these partnerships are not permitted to market the relationship to non-participants. Local team deals are another way to maintain the relationship with the NFL but are limited to a geographical area. Regardless, this is still an excellent option for sportsbooks looking to get more exposure. By making the game available on more sportsbooks, bettors can enjoy a greater selection of events and better odds than ever.

The PGA Tour is bullish on in-play betting, which means betting during an event. Unlike traditional betting, in-play betting involves betting on live action and does not involve player versus player wagers. An example is when a threesome is coming through the final three holes. For instance, Jon Rahm has 250 yards to the hole. The odds of him finishing in front of the threesome are based on his current score and his course strategy.