New Developments in Official Sports Betting

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2023

It’s not uncommon to hear of sportsbooks getting involved in golf betting. This trend began after the Supreme Court legalized sports gambling in many U.S. states in 2018. The question remains how the future will play out.

As a result of the decision, sportsbooks can be found in all 50 states and DC, with several neighboring jurisdictions already offering online wagering. Many are also mobile. In some cases, a customer support phone number or live chat is available.

Among the biggest developments in official sports betting is the UFC’s recent announcement of a groundbreaking partnership with DraftKings. Their combined sponsorship is estimated at $350 million. They’ll also have the right to use UFC marks, which means in-game odds generation and promotions will be easier.

Another important development is the NFL’s announcement of its first international sportsbook sponsorships. The league struck deals with Australian, German and Latin American sportsbooks.

NFL research revealed that fans prefer using sportsbook apps. They didn’t like betting kiosks in the stadium. Therefore, the league moved cautiously in its approach to sports betting.

The UFC has tightened its rules, which prohibit coaches and family members from gambling on fights. They have also placed an onus on operators to protect against insider betting.

Moreover, the NFL has licensed international video to sportsbooks, and it has also tested video licensing overseas. For its part, the PGA TOUR has formed a robust integrity program and partnered with IMG Arena to license live scoring data.